General FAQs

Yes. All of our inspectors hold the required certifications.
No, not currently. However, some local towns do require you to obtain a permit.
UL, “Underwriters Laboratories”, is a national recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) that provides evaluations on products for safety
and usage. They are not associated with, nor do they provide electrical inspections. Often our certificate is incorrectly referred to as
a UL certificate, although the correct reference should be Electrical Approval Certificate.
No. Electrical Inspectors are empowered by the local municipalities. The local municipalities have their own special requirements.
Please contact individual municipalities for further information.
No, our list of approved municipalities is located in the “coverage area” section on our site. Feel free to call us to ask about a
specific town, village or city as more municipalities continue to empower SWIS for inspections.
No, pools are one of the most serious life safety areas. In most cases pools are installed for recreational use with children. If the
pool is not wired as per the National Electrical Code, Article 680 of the NEC, it may not be a safe pool. Consult a licensed electrical
contractor for your pool wiring.
No, we are an inspection company, providing visual inspections only. Your independent licensed electrical contractor provides
violation corrections. Check your local yellow pages for a licensed electrical contractor.
Our electrical inspection company will provide you with a code section(s) for your need to look up in the code book(s) to help you
make your installation compliant.
By phone, fax or mail. Customers with accounts have access via the INTERNET.
No, you must obtain your certificate from your electrical contractor. We have a contractual agreement with that company, even
though it may be your property that was inspected.
No. An approved inspection company is required to follow the laws of, and Building Code, of New York State.
Yes, SWIS is collaborating with Electrical Training Solutions to provide electrical training for the industry.
Westchester County License Electrical Contractors Association (WCLECA), Putnam County Electrical Contractor Association
(PCECA), International Association or Electrical Inspectors (IAEI), Dutchess County Electrical Contractor Association (DCECA)
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Any Other Questions?

If you have any questions that are not listed here, please e-mail, fax, write and/or call; our staff and we will be more than glad to assist you.
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